Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If At Once You Don't Succeed Try Cleaning Your Apartment....

Why Awfully Beautiful Mess? Why not? Such is life.

My first attempt at blogging fell through the cracks like the surprise popcorn kernels my vacuum found today in our living room chairs. Today, I am cleaning the apt like it has never been cleaned before and in the process, finding things I had forgotten we had. (Like a floor....) So, as I re-discover things forgotten and left to neglect due to our busy mad crazy lives here, I thought I would pull out and blow the dust off of a few of the thoughts floating around in my head as well and give this blogging thing a second try.

Also.....I'm a little bit bored and Billy took the phone to work today.... ;-)

The reason I am so diligently cleaning and basically doing all of the things I hate the most, is because we have bugs. Yep.....Although we aren't the neatest of people, this recent infestation doesn't have anything to do with us so much as it does with the birds that take refuge somewhere above our bathroom ceiling. In any case, these bugs aren't bed bugs or flies, but whatever they are, they are itty bitty, they bite, and they are totally unwelcome. Ever since we first discovered the bugs I have been breaking out the Lysol, vacuum, and Swiffer Wet Jet like the world depended on it, but if someone is gonna be exterminating in our apt I guess I had better pick a few things up so he they can move around in this shoebox we call home.

To be honest, the worst part about cleaning is that I have to decide what to do with the Christmas tree....ok that and the used tissue that is now 2/3 of the garbage I have thrown away today, courtesy of my allergies now being on high alert evacuation mode....


Mostly I'm just too lazy to take the Christmas tree down, trying to put it back into it's box is like the proverbial toothpaste vs tube dilemma not to mention how long it takes to fluff out of it's stubborn fake limbs come December.'s been up for a while.... I realize it's July, but I had this really great thing going with decorations for Spring replacing the decorations for Christmas and I was all set with 4th of July decorations to replace the Spring collection. I missed my window for that brief holiday however and now am looking a tree completely out of season. I considered keeping it up plain and calling it my potted plant but my husband looked less than impressed with the idea and I have to admit it does take up a lot of space. My decision? Move it into the storage room as is and close the door. Problem solved. :-)

                                                       Our Spring Tree: It's Beautiful, I Know.

Off to scrub down the bathroom and admire my new organized shoe rack put together by moi! 

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