Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forever Young

Maybe it's because my June graduation from university has yet to really sink in.

Maybe it's because I find myself at the beginning of a new journey as I fit myself into the position of "adult" and start to worry about paying off debt and building good credit.

Maybe, just maybe it's because I dreamed last night of things I haven't done in ages like pick huckleberries for hours, or blackberries until my fingers were stained purple for days, or raspberries until my hands prickled with little thorns; or wade through a creek bed looking for crawdads to catch; or swim in a genuine swimming hole, or sit by the river and marvel at lady bugs come to mate so thick on the bank that it's nothing but a sea of red. Or spending a little time with my grandfather who always had time for me to hunt for morel mushrooms behind the ranch house, or have a good old fashioned bacon eggs and hash browns breakfast at the local diner, or take me to the big city for some retail therapy. Or things like bake sales and lemonade stands and bike rides, hula hoops, gemstone friends, pinkie promises and whispered confidences.

Maybe it's a combination of all of these things and the beautiful sunshine today that always makes my step feel lighter.

Whatever it is, as I spent today unpacking, organizing, washing clothes, scrubbing walls and running errands; I thought about youth. I thought about eyes that see wonder and beauty in everything. My eyes that used to look at a passing ice cream truck without suspicion. The child I was for an instant that had seen ugly things and yet still saw more good than bad around me. The child that implicitly trusted and could eat a chocolate bar completely guilt free and believed in magic. 

And I thought about adulthood. With bills and credit card statements, responsibilities, mood swings, and that extra ten pounds and I decided that although I wouldn't go backwards for anything, and I'm loving where I am right now, the not so secret secret must really be to stay young at heart. 

So I giggled and popped the bubble wrap I pulled out of the unpacked boxes today and turned the radio up and danced when I did the dishes and I took my shoes off and walked through the grass on the way to the grocery store and bought that little tub of cream cheese frosting that I really just want to eat with a spoon....and it was absolutely glorious.

And now, all that's left for me to do it wish you all that fresh feeling of childhood in the smallest of things and all of the happiness life can bring. 

P.S. In the midst of about 4 or 5 fairly big projects, can't wait to share! :-D

Have A Beautiful Day!        

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