Thursday, June 28, 2012

CAUTION: Health Care Reform. I just can't stand the callous way we speak about others.

Caution: You are about to get a whole crap ton of my opinion on this matter. Proceed at your own peril and understand that this is absolutely a built up frustrated rant on the subject and chances are, something will disagree with you.

You've been warned. 

Lot's of people talking about Obamacare today. It saddens me that issues of the constitution, political views, and who everyone is going to vote for in the upcoming election aside...what really strikes me about a lot of the comments I have heard today is what sounds like a lack of humanity, a lack of love for our neighbor, a viewpoint that seems to care little if anything for those less fortunate than us.

THE WAY I SEE IT (Seriously, WARNING and sorry about any language you might find offensive, I'm feeling offended too.)
I cannot believe at the end of the day, any "hard working american" should complain about helping someone in need receive healthcare. How jaded have we become that we are now a society that sees thiefs and pickpockets when we should see say single parents, students, the elderly, and all other types of the thousands of Americans who have matter of fact, worked their asses off and still may for multiple reasons receive no healthcare.

And since I am being judged severely for feeling the way that I do and have been called many unkind things, I will say what is on my heart, I Am Ashamed for us, that we appear to see and care for only what will benefit us, and refusing to look past ourselves. My "hard earned money" has always and will continue to go to many things I don't support or agree with, and if I could choose among them, I would definitely choose to support and provide healthcare for those that are not as fortunate as I.

We live in a society where we are sold the classic dream of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We "earn" what we have and people who don't have what we have clearly haven't worked hard enough for it and don't deserve it. Well, while I'm sure like anything else, there are people who fall into this category, for the most part, that's just entitled crap. Anyone who's lived a life of hard, grueling work and maybe still were struggling below the poverty line and didn't receive health care or any of the other benefits "slackers didn't deserve"; can I get an AMEN.

(And seriously if I hear one more person who has never in their entire lives really wanted for anything and certainly never had to live off food stamps talk about how others should just live off food stamps.....AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Please enlighten me on how are some kind of expert on the subject...)

Not only is it crap, but it's just plain ignorant for anyone to think that we all have the exact same opportunities. As it was once explained to me, even if you started out literally shoveling shit to get where you are today, someone let you and payed you to shovel their shit, so don't think for one instant that you did it "all by yourself". To live in a world where inequalities don't exist and all you have to do is "work hard" is a privilege not accessible to all.

I understand that it's your money, that it's my money. I understand that you worked hard for it, that I worked hard for it. I understand that we are weary of being taken advantage of by crooks and con-artists and I understand that we are worried about our own loved ones and taking care of them. But please, don't talk to me about your views on Obamacare if you are going to insist on talking in only monetary terms or showing me how much of a constitutional expert you are and leaving out the bit about the people we are discussing being living, breathing, human beings with certain unalienable rights. (In my opinion, good health and subsequently health care is one of them).

Call me a communist, socialist, idealist, child, hippie, whatever the new trendy term to throw around is when someone tries to speak up for the actual people involved in the discussion who already have less than us who are privileged enough to have our voice heard; until you have a better solution, they can have that small portion of my money to live a healthier happier life, I give it gladly and freely.

Maybe we should all stop and just love each other a little more.


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  1. I am reading this post a year and a half after its original date, and it still speaks volumes and resonates deeply -- it touches my heart. Yes, we should, without any doubts, love each other more, which translates into taking care of one another.