Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a few little things to share.

Hello Friends!

I am one of those craft loving individuals that is always in the middle of at least a dozen projects
and thus never really get anything done.  

So today, all I really want to do is share two things that I finished and never posted anywhere even though I am excessively proud of one of them in particular, and another that I finished just today. For anyone who cares to see, here they are! :-D

First Off, is a knitting project I finished months ago. It's the biggest and most complicated knitting project I have completed to date being that my crochet abilities are still much stronger. I made this project for my dear  friend Lori who is an amazing woman, a true friend, and most importantly for this project, a fabulous teacher. Incidentally this friend helped me get my current job as a floating teacher at the same school she works at so someday I hope to get around to making one for myself. 

Here it is, the pencil scarf! 

It's rather long so I just took a shot of the ends that show the important bit. :) 

For this same dear friend's Birthday I also cross stitched her a fun 'Dolly Mamma' pattern from a store bought kit. Below is a terrible picture of that. lol

Laugh until you tinkle in you panties.

And last, but not least is my completed just today, basket weave crochet scarf! (The color didn't come out great in the pictures, but you get the basic idea.)

On to the next few projects! Thanks for having a looksie!


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