Friday, January 20, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

So Many Projects I Am Sooooo Proud Of That Won't Ever Make It Into This Blog.....UNLESS I just go ahead and put em all up at once! I can't help it! haha I just need to share! :-D

So, Here Goes! Newest Projects to Oldest Projects....sort of :)

Cowel Scarf
Cowl Scarf: Can also be pulled over head to keep ears warm.

Coffee Cup To Go Cozy: SOCK MONKEY! :-D

Started out as a slouchy beanie hat, but ended up a little closer to a kingston. :-P

Hats I made this year as Christmas Gifts!
Granny Square Scarf and first scarf  I ever made. :-)
Little Pocket purse for cards or other odds and ends. 
Soap Bag
Jelly Roll :-)
Jelly Roll Open
Rose Pattern

And Then Projects That Are Not Crochet........
Cross Stitched This In The Months Leading Up To Our Wedding in 2009. Have Yet To Frame It....Lol!
My Mother In Law Taught Me How To Make These Christmas Ornaments. They are genius and sooo easy!
First Shot At The Christmas Ornament Project

Now, that is out of my system and I feel much better! :-D

Have A Beautiful Day!

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