Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day #3

Oh the things I could do if I had a day off! .....Many many things, in theory, could be done around our apt. if I just had an extra day off during the week......

Cue three consecutive snow days....Yeah OK so I didn't get much done, there have been adequate clean dishes for Billy to cook on at night, and you can again get to the closet door to search for clean towels...and there might even be some in there. :) And that about sums up my productiveness in the last few days... 

I am however enjoying a gigantic mug of coffee (to assuage what is likely a caffeine headache) with a snowman on it in the spirit of the whole snow and ice storm thing going on outside. :-)

It's got snowflakes on the back too. :-D
I also: finished this crochet necklace (which ended up taking waaaay longer than I thought lol).

I know, the lighting is terrible but you get the idea . :-)
A little closer up on the strands.

Got this fun little pattern from the blog Mandipidy. Click Here!

And..... I Spent an irresponsible amount of time on Pinterest.....and read other people's blogs about what you feel like when your pregnant and all of the things no one tells you about after you give birth.....VERY SCARED FACE....  (Greatest Blog not be alarmed if you check this out and the first post you come across is called "Porn for Pregnant Ladies". It's full of fantastic photos like the one below.)

Pregnant Chicken

And.....yeah that's pretty much it for today....haha....

But you know what, it's been nice to just play hookie although I really should get more Italian homework done I figure I should enjoy these days while they know before I decide to have kids which will apparently make me feel like this.......


And On That Note.... :)

Have A Beautiful Day!

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