Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Aaaaahhh it was sooo nice to relax today, I didn't go outside at all, not even to take this picture of the snow still outside this afternoon. ;-)

Instead, I put on my favorite fluffy bathrobe, worked on my Italian, read a little, clipped coupons I will probably never use and have no safe place to store, and of course, I had plenty of warm yummy liquids like coffee, cider and hot chocolate. I even took a nap....although I kept waking up thinking I was supposed to be doing something haha.

Mmmmm and you really have to love that hot chocolate, it's not the dark chocolate mix I prefer, but hey chocolate is chocolate and I believe in real marshmallows, so it always works out well. :-D (Which incidentally, marshmallows are spelled weird. I mean who says marshmAllows it's marshmEllows right?! Or maybe that's just me?.... Lol)

The inside lip of this mug says: "Is Huge" ;-)

I also broke in my first attempt at crochet slippers that I made over the weekend. They aren't really what I was hoping for. They are kind of more like little socks and they aren't that warm, so my hunt for the right crochet slippers is still on. Still, for a first attempt at this kind of thing, they weren't bad, I was able to change the pattern a little bit to make it fit my foot, and Billy thought they were kind of cool which is truthfully the main reason I bothered to make the second slipper. lolol :-)

Obviously I am still working through the same color yarn I have been using recently. :-)

All in all it was a great day and I'm hoping for more snow tonight like the forecast says. Maybe UW Seattle will actually cancel classes tomorrow. Here's hoping.


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