Saturday, January 14, 2012

Useful = Good


Lately I have been trying to find little crochet projects to use up all that extra yarn that inevitable begins to pile up, this way, I can feel thrifty and simultaneously make space for the next time I go on a yarn binge. ;-)

I also really love making something useful, it feels good! This last weeks little project that fit into my tight little schedule was a little phone cover. My mother-in-law made me this beautiful one a while back.

I love the great color and the faith button!

Unfortunately, my phone is kind of big and doesn't fit quite right. I ended up using this sleeve for my new camera and it's pretty perfect with the little strap and everything. That did leave my phone kind of naked though and it could use a little protection from the other wandering and extensive contents of my purse and/or schoolbag. So, I decided I would whip up a little something myself. :-)

I decided to go pretty simple. I used the pattern from this great blog below, it's really easy and uses only single crochet and slip stitch and it looks nice and clean.

Eggheaded Momma: How to Crochet a Cell Phone Sleeve Or Any Little Bag

This is how mine turned out!

As you can see, I decided the plain sleeve wasn't quite doing it for me so I decided on this simple but super cute little candy applique. I found it at the link below. The same page also has patterns for other sweet treat appliques!

Champy Girl's Yummy Sweet Appliques!

Oooh also, below is a link to my Pinterest page. I find a lot of my crochet patterns through Pinterest as well as a million other fun things. Especially if you haven't discover Pinterest yet check it out, it's oodles of fun!

And that's all for now. For those of us with a three day weekend ahead, Enjoy! I know I will....haha Italian Paper...prepare to be conquered. ;-)

Have A Beautiful Day!

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