Saturday, January 21, 2012

TGIF Brings A Lovely Surprise!

Ah, Friday's. Aren't they the best?! Maybe not terribly exciting for some of us, but lovely just the same.

Mine was to be fairly uneventful but not unpleasant by any means filled with things like; washing a few dishes, quality reading of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", repetitive conjugation of Italian verbs with regular 'ere' endings, and contemplation about important issues like when to finish up eating all of the little chocolates in that cheap advent calendar that we only ever opened up to day 16...

It's Pretty Right?! I'm gonna be sad when Picnik closes in April. :-P
But, this Friday had a surprise in store for me......

Once Upon A Time, in a land far far away, there was a very nice woman who had bought tickets to see Attila at the Seattle Opera on Saturday January 21st. The week before the show, an evil storm blew in and covered the kingdom with snow and ice ruining her traveling plans. So, this very nice woman asked her very sweet friend if he knew anyone who lived near the kingdom of Seattle who would enjoy a free Opera ticket. This very sweet friend knew at once who to call! And that my friends is how this fair maiden ended up with a free ticket to the Opera without a Fairy Godmother's magic wand or...well, a magical carriage to carry her through the melting snow and ice. 

Dream Come True! :-D .....But What Will I Wear?!

(Warning: What follows is a discussion about advised that if you do not care about this kind of thing, you will be incredibly bored.) I am not one of those people. :-D

Seriously though, what does one wear to the Opera these days? The images that come to my mind automatically are...

OK, so maybe not very realistic for Seattle Opera 2012 on the tail end of a snow and ice storm....Hmmmm OK so what does the Seattle Opera Website say?

"Once patronized mainly by royalty, opera today is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. In modern day Seattle, you'll see opera-goers wearing everything from ball gowns to Birkenstocks. Feel free to dress up for a special night out, dress down for comfort, or find your own happy medium. When it comes to the opera, almost anything but the most casual wear is considered appropriate."

Well, that was just vauge enough to be unhelpful to me at least...I mean I know that was probably meant to put me at ease and eliminate any ideas I might have had about somehow not fitting into the scene, but being the overzealous worry wort that I am, I do not feel at ease or comforted about not feeling out of place. Besides the fact that I am pretty young for the Opera crowd (They now have a club for 21-30somethings to encourage a younger audience), so I may feel that way anyway.

OK so then I started foraging through my know in that section of pretty clothes I hardly ever wear. (Most of which probably stopped fitting when I was 16 or 17 and still going to formals.) And after the vaguely depressing part of trying on Everything again in an effort to find something in my current size, I had narrowed it down to a few options I felt iffy about...

So, we have the purple sparkly fancy dress or the red curve hugging sexy red dress....hmmmmm
Well, it will probably rain.....and It looks like I will have to take the bus in, and I would be walking around in my outfit mid afternoon because of the commute and the ticket pickup.....OK, this is NOT WORKING! I think, I will just wear my favorite little black dress and call it good. Times like these is what a little black dress is for. :-) Now, if I could just decide what to do about my hair...oh and shoes....and legs OMG I might have to shave..... ;-P

Anyways, to wrap this whole bit up, I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I've always wanted to attend an opera but haven't as of yet and although I am sorry that the original purchaser of the ticket will not be able to use it, I have to admit I feel like the luckiest girl alive, getting to see the Opera free....What a Lovely Surprise!

Well My Friends,


  1. I LOVE the little red dress. We oughtta just dress up one night-- I was fortunate enough to have a nordstrom giftcard to spend, so I bought a blue one that needs more use!!! You'll surely look lovely, darling <3

  2. Thank you darling! <3 I am pretty in love with that red dress myself. The hanger and pic really don't do it justice, it's pretty va va voom on and it's a Calvin Klein that I found at Ross for like 1/5 of the price! Plus it fits me just perfectly exactly the way I am right now. I think we totally should just dress up sometime, it's begging to be worn again. :D